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Chorono of post-Taliban executions - November 20, 2012
President Hamid Karzai has given the go-ahead for about 20 prisones ... more

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Suit # 308, Kabul Business Center
Haji Yaqoob Square,
Kabul, Afghanistan

Welcome to Kabul Pressistan

Founded in 2009, Kabul Pressistan is now one of the largest and most prominent media production and the country's only facilitating company providing services to international media outlets and individual foreign journalists visiting Afghanistan.

The agency is built on a network of Afghan journalists, reporters, photographers, cameramen, translators/fixers and media experts each with long years of experience working with prominent international media organizations.

“Grown from a simple fixing/translation service into a comprehensive one-stop shop” Kabul Pressistan is now one of the leading media houses in Kabul offering a wide range of media services, including video, photo, reporting, stringing, facilitating, monitoring, training and SMS alerting -- a service designed to provide clients with quick alerts on major breaking news and security incidents sent via SMS.

Kabul Pressistan in foreign media.

With clients ranging from Western media outlets to Kabul-based foreign embassies and aide organizations, Kabul Pressistan provides best quality monitoring, research and surveying opinion polls services. Kabul Pressistan Monitoring Service offers one of the best ways to keep abreast of the latest trends in Afghanistan's politics, developments, current affairs, the insurgency and the counter-insurgency efforts by international forces.

Kabul Pressistan can be your best local partner helping you in Afghanistan whether you are a journalist or on a diplomatic mission whether you're running an aid organization or a private business.